Art, Music and Wine

We are doing another fundraising evening at the Springfield library on Friday, September 29.

I did not think I had much new work, but when I pull it together, there is plenty!  At this point I am not sure this is a good place for me to exhibit, but I feel very loyal to the library for giving me a place to hang my work.


Solo Show

I have been accepted by the Wasagaming Community Arts Centre for a solo show.  I entered using pieces with the theme ‘Moods of Manitoba’ and am very excited to have this opportunity.  The opening reception is May 26 and the show will run until June 13.  Looks like I will be making several trips to Clear Lake this year!

Here is my newest piece, which I hope will be part of the show.

A Process

006I have a new piece in mind, and am going through a process trying to bring myself to a higher level by identifying problems while there is a chance to fix them. Thus, a small study as a processing and practice exercise.
Here it is, finished at 10″ x 14″.

Self critique:
It is not immediately obvious which way is up. A bit more sky peeking through and some grassier grasses would help definition.
Where is the horizon line? Some of the background layers are grassy rather than leafy.
The light on the trunks is OK, but it needs more light on the leaves, especially in the centre to create a focal point. – dye a brighter yellow gold cheesecloth piece. In the photo, the deeper areas are very dark green – also need some very dark green for contrasting shadowed areas. The bits of light on the trees behind should be muted a bit.
The light green on upper left pulls your eye away from the centre.
Does it need another diagonal line to bring you back to the centre?  That bit of red in the other direction might do it.
The last inch on the right does not add anything and probably should have been cropped. Just because it is there, doesn’t mean it has to be included. I need to spend a bit of time looking at cropping to different sizes.
It is too horizontal – make it taller and narrower.
There is some depth to the right and left of the centre, but it has been blocked in the middle. Make sure it stays more open and has some depth there.
The blob of gold at centre top is too heavy. Keep the layers light.
I actually like the way the sheer binding works.

Back to the design wall.

Rejected Again

I entered three pieces in the latest SAQA call for entry, H2Oh! but none were accepted. It was a learning experience! Although I entered with a good deal of enthusiasm, in retrospect I can see why I did not make the cut.
‘Blue Lake and Rocky Shore’ I knew was a rather trite landscape which lacked depth and intrigue.
I still like ‘Leaves on the Pond’, but again, could have developed it more. How? I am not sure.
And ‘Ice Age’ is good, but they look for more than that.
Congratulations to Jaynie who go in!


I entered my first SAQA competition ‘Layered Voices’ and was rejected. This is the piece which won Best of Show at the Springfield Country Fair, but did not make the giant leap to a professional show. After seeing ‘My Corner of the World’ in Thunder Bay, I can see that it is indeed a giant step from a small provincial show to a SAQA show. And to be fair to myself, 23 pieces were chosen from over 500 entries.
I am ready to try again!

Good Bye

I said good bye to “Moody Manitoba Morning” on Friday. It is very rewarding to have sold it to an appreciative buyer but a little bit of my heart and soul was stitched into that piece and I was sad to see it go.
This won first place in the Art Quilt category and an Honorable mention at Quilt Reflections 2016 and was juried into Quilt Canada 2016.