Best of Show

I received a ‘Best of Show’ award at the Springfield Fair Quilt Show for ‘Poplar Grove’, which was also first place in the mixed media category.  ‘Ice Age’ also received a first place ribbon in the wall quilt category and a prize for most innovative use of machine quilting.  It was a small show but very rewarding to receive these awards none the less.  The comments of the judge are very informative, especially when she gave an opinion on what she thought it would take to bring a quilt to the next level of excellence.  I am thinking of adding a few bits of paint to ‘Poplar Grove’ before entering it again.

The experience also has me thinking of what will take me to the next level in my art work. I have been fretting over how much time and energy I will be devoting to grandchildren in the next few weeks, but perhaps this time can be used as a time for reflection; not that there is much time for reflection with the whole crew about.
I am looking at a few shows to enter in the next month or so; something else to ponder.


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